Latest: RMG Amplify Signs Rockstar JT

Introducing Amplify Artist – Rockstar JT


Jaterrius “Rockstar JT” Johnson is a 22 year old Hip-Hop artist based out of Montgomery, Alabama. JT came on the music scene heavy in 2015 when he dropped his first mixtape Young, Wild, & Free. JT currently has a vision to feed the streets music that they can relate to and also he wants to explain the life that he came out of and things that he’s saw in his life. JT from the same city as the late Doe B he works really heavy with Doe B’s producer/engineer Bao Pham and he wants to keep the streets fed but through a different message. JT really gained more and more notoriety after his grandma died in 2016 and he came out with the hit single Moving Weight.

JT music is to challenge the listener to be who they are but to actually live for a higher purpose than themselves. 2018 JT released his biggest project of his career Streets Signed Me the Mixtape which reached Tunes hip-hop Charts and top 10 on Amazon Charts. 2019 JT is back on the scene with his biggest release of his career Drip Bayless that features Parris Chariz & former Reach Records artist Aha Gazelle. JT’s song “Getcha’ Weight Up” was recently featured on Drake’s new HBO show Euphoria starring Zenyada. | |

Coming from Montgomery, Alabama, Rockstar JT grew up hearing a variety of sounds at home that inspired his love for music. Driven by the potential of creating music that he and listeners could truly enjoy, Jt took to his roots and fell heavy into making music in 2015. Now, 5 years later, Jt’s Southern Trap sound is being heard all over and fans can’t get enough. Nor could RMG Amplify.

Having a mutual love for each other, signing Rockstar JT to Amplify made the perfect sense. And for JT, trust is what solidified it, “What made me say yes to Amplify is trust. I really trust who Doc is as a man & as a businessman. The deal was negotiated mostly to help me grow as an artist and I would have been dumb to say no when I’m walking out of the deal owning my masters, building new relationships, & making new connections.”

With the ink dry, Amplify and JT are quickly getting to work and have a lot coming up for music lovers.

“Fans should expect a lot of collars with a lot of their favorite artists, touring is coming, and most importantly in my opinion fans should be ready for

Streets Signed Me Vol. 2. This is a mixtape that I’ve been working on for a while now. I’m so excited for fans to take a step in my shoes through music and see how life is growing up how I grew up and living in what I’m currently living in now & still loving Jesus through it.” – Rockstar JT

Stay tuned for more to come from Rockstar JT including his new single “36” dropping this Friday, tour, and the upcoming release of his mixtape, Streets Signed Me Vol. 2 – the follow up to Streets Signed Me.

-Jasmina Cuevas







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