FUDGE Awareness Day

April 1st is our Annual Fundraising and FUDGE Awareness Day!

Every year for the past few years we had an event to bring awareness to the multiple events and productions that FUDGE created to support other artists, actors, musicians, and various other entertainers. We host this online event to let reach out to let people know how they can support and fund more events in the future.

Flavor Radio Network was one of these projects that was used to help promote Christian Hip Hop artists, producers, and deejays. I made podcasts that were hosted on this network and syndicated on other platforms. Watch and share the live broadcast we did on April 1, 2022 at 12 noon (ET).

April 1st is our annual awareness and fundraising event we have hosted online since 2015. The idea was to bring awareness to the many productions and events created by FUDGE MALLOY, aka, Shawn Greene. Join me in helping us fund and share information about our past, present and future projects.











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