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“The Live Mixshow” with DJ I Rock Jesus

Gospel R & P Quick Mix – June 25, 2009

It’s Not Over Just–Karen Clark-Sheard
What Can Iive–Fred Hammond
Only Call On Jesus–Karen Clark-Sheard
Chains–Kirk Franklin
Believer–Mary Mary
You Never Let Me Down–Marvin Winans Jr.
Presence of The Lord–Byron Cage
Moving Foward–Hezekiah Walker & LFC
I’ve Been Change–Karen Clark-Sheard
So Good–Karen Clark-Sheard
Little Boy–Kirk Franklin
A Closer Walk–Fred Hammond
Takin It To The Streets–Take 6
Suddenly ( Feat.Vanessa Bell Armstrong )–New Birth Total Praise Choir
Pause–Lisa McCleadon
How It Use To Be–Kirk Franklin
The Light–Ricky Dillard & New G
What Is This–Mary Mary
Superfriend–Mary Mary
I Made It Through–Tye Tribbett & Ga
I Need You–Tye Tribbett & Ga
Beatiful–Brent Jones & The Tp Mobb
A Whole Nation–Kirk Franklin
The Last Jesus–Kirk Franklin
Lord We Need Your Love ( Feat.Marvin Winains Sr.,Brian Mc Knight–Fred Hammond
Not Just What You Say–Fred Hammond
I’ll Be Right There–Karen Clark-Sheard
It Would Take All Day–Kirk Franklin
Thank You–Lisa McCleadon
God Has Smile On Me–Mary Mary
Blees The Lord ( Son Of Man )–Tye Tribbett & Ga
Anthem Praise–Richard Smallwood With Vision
I Wish–Nicole C.Mullen
It’s Over Now–Vanessa Bell Armstrong
Love You That Much–Mary Mary
Let Us Worship–Tye Tribbett & Ga
Look Up–Tye Tribbett & Ga
It Shall Come To Pass–Hezekiah Walker & LFC
Higher Ground–Karen Clark-Sheard
Jesus Kind Of Man–Mighty Clouds Of Joy
Praise Belong To You–Fred Hammond
I’m Running–Mary Mary
Drug Me–Canton Spirituals
Hide Me–Kirk Franklin
I Worship You–Mary Mary
Without Him–Debra Killings
Never Would Have Made It–Marvin Sapp
Loved On Me–Fred Hammond
You Will Know–Mary Mary
What A Friend–Mary Mary
Keep On Moving On–Hezekiah Walker & LFC
Somebody–Mary Mary
Wade In The Water–Mary Mary
Stronger ( Feat.Paul Porter )–Canton Spirituals
Striving–Dave Hollister
Brand New Day–Karen Clark-Sheard
God In Me–Mary Mary
I Got It–Mary Mary
Joy–Mary Mary
Praying Women–Bishop TD Jakes
Heard A Word–Michelle Williams
I’ll Trust You Lord–Donnie McClurkin
In Your Name–John P.Kee
Royalty–Byron Cage
If I Can Say A word–Karen Clark-Sheard
Good To Me ( Feat.Destiny’s Child )-Mary Mary
Standing On The Rock–Marvin Sapp
Sen A Revival–Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson & The Spiritual Voices
Ordinary People–Mary Mary
Healed–Donald Lawrence & Co
That’s Why–Fred Hammond
God Bless–Mary Mary
Thank You–Mary Mary
Biggest, Greatest Thing–Mary Mary
Heaven–Mary Mary
Glad About It–Joe Pace & Colorado Mass Choir
God’s Got A Blessing ( With My Name On It )–Norman Hutchins
Jesus,Jesus,Jesus–Revernd Timothy Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir
Love’s In Need ( Feat.Musiq )–Fred Hammond
Your Love Is A Wonder–Fred Hammond
O Give Thanks–Hezekiah Walker & LFC
Save Me ( Feat.Baby Dub )–Mary Mary
I Like Me–Kirk Franklin
He Said–Mary Mary
Little Girl–Mary Mary
Let Go And Let God–Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson
In The Morning–Mary Mary
Superman–Vickie Winans
Even Me–Crystal Aikin
And I ( Feat.Kirk Franklin )–Mary Mary
Let’s Dance ( Remix Feat.BB Jay )– Hezekiah Walker
God Is Good–Deitrick Haddon
Livin–The Clark Sisters
It Just Get Sweeter–Fred Hammond
L.O.U.D L.O.U.D–Fred Hammond
Always–Jason Champion
We Acknowledge You–Karen Clark-Sheard
Testify–Donald Lawrence & Tri-City
Holla 90’s House Blend–Trinty 57
Outro–Bishop TD Jakes


Gospel Hip Hop Quick Mix 2 – June 25, 2009

Intro By Dj Crossfader
One Shot–Japhia Life
Spanish Harlem–C.R.E.A.M & Josh
Streets Gotta Know–Willie Will
Broken Vessels ( Feat.Floe Moniana )–Prolific
Cadillic Red–Corey Red
They Say– Mahogany Jones
Just Believe ( Feat.Jeanifer )–Sonz Of The Most High
What You See ( Feat. Theory Hazit )–willie Will
You Do ( Feat.Young Joshua )–Willie Will
Vintage New York–Corey Red
Dad ( Feat.J.Reign )–D-Maub
Push That–Dae-Lee
Shoulda Coulda Woulda ( Feat.Twys )–Dae-Lee
What I’m Sayin ( Feat.Luesis Valde )–Dae-Lee
Pick Up The Phone–Excelsius
Yes,You Are–Excelsius
Truth Travels ( Feat.Thi’s )–Flame
Desires In Conflict–Flame
To My Heart ( Feat.Shai Linne )–Flame
Whooo–Kam B.I.N.O
Afterlife–Mars ILL
Let Me–Mars ILL
Own Up–Much Luvv
We Ain’t Scared–Pettidee
Did You Hear It–Prodigal Son
Determination–Rob Hodge
I’m Ready–Rob Hodge
Music Of Life–Sho Baraka
The Search–Sivion
Oh Wretched Man–The Ambassador
Hostage–The Breax
G.E.M–The Yuinon
My Story–Janee Bradford
A Letter To My Friend–Timothy Brindle
Hell– Timothy Brindle
Cling To You ( Feat.Shai Linne )–Trip Lee
Are We There Yet–Legacy
Kingdom Come–Witness
Another Day–Young Joshua
Times Move On–Young Joshua
We Bout That ( Feat.Corey Hicks )–Young Joshua
Revolution–Corey Red
Tyna Breathe–Dj Morph
Bread & Wine Unity–Fire Jaws
Let It Go–Willie Will
This I Know ( Feat.Chayla )–Willie Will
Success–Corey Red
My Way–D-Maub
2Up 2 Down ( Va Anthem )–D.N.A
Slow Down–D.N.A
Go–Da Truth
Build Up–Everyday Process
Change Or Die–Excelsius
I Live–Fedel
2nd Coming–Flame
Christian Girl–Humble Tip
Get Over Here–Humble Tip
We Go Harder–Humble Tip
In My Neighbourhood–Jahaziel
Talk A Good Game–Just Me
Soulutions–Mark J
Breathe Slow–Mars ILL
Inside Out–Mars ILL
Piecemeal–Mars ILL
Sideline Speech–Mars ILL
Hip Hop Cats–Mc Till
Young Man–Nu Life Music
From The Heart\Soul Food–Pettidee
95 Degree Angels–Phanatik
Try Angels–Phanatik
By His Grace–Prodigal Son
Storm Part 2–Prodigal Son
Where’s Love–R-Swift
Through The Clouds–Scribbilling Idots
Love You Anyway–Sev Statik
Hold On–Soul P.
Black Ghetto ( Feat.Pro )–Soul P.
The Excellency Of Christ–Timothy Brindle
Respect–Tre 9
Young And Unashamed ( Feat.Cam )–Trip Lee
Gotta Grow–Trip Lee
Focus Factor–Double Portion
Ride For God–Gods Muzik
On The Block–R-Swift
City On The Hill–Legacy
Imagin ( Feat.Zoltan )–Witness
Rap Terrorist–Lavoiser
Blessings–The Yuinon
Pass By ( Feat.Eric Westbrook )–Young Joshua
10 From The Pulpit
Angel Of Mercy–Change
No Greater Love–John Cook
Blow The Trumpets–Omega Sparx
Extra Extra–Q Godfear & Poetiq
Where They At–Sonz Of The Most High
Holy Hatred–CCM
Dead Man Walking–D-Maub
On Reason–Dae-Lee
Get In The Game–Frontlynaz
Behind The Scenes–Humble Tip
I’m Not Leaving–Jaelife
Early Grave–Japhia Life
Life Song–Japhia Life
Hold Fast ( Feat.Motion Plus & Details–Kaboose
The Truth–Lunie 3:80
Agape Soul ( Feat.Canton Jones )–Mark J
Ricochet–Mark J
GateKeepers–Much Luvv
Shoulda Seen–Much Luvv
Sterotypes–Tre 9
Christ Souljah–Pettidee
Richie Righteous & Precise Skit
More 2 Life–Precise
That’s Fact–Prodigal Son
Brethern Joint ( Feat.Rhyme Council & J.Johnson )–R-Swift
By Any Means-R-Swift
Outcast–Rob Hodge
Wait–Soul Plasma
My Life’s Soundtrack–Stephen The Levite
Swagger Like Christ Skit
Fallen Soldjah–The Yuinon
Farmer–Tre 9
More ( Feat.Diamone )–Trip Lee
Behold The Christ–Trip Lee
Hustle Like It’s Your Last–Q The Prophet
Never That–Sharp Skills
Ms O’Ginny–Verse
Church For Thugs–Witness
Til We Meet–Young Joshua
I Yie–KnowDa Verbs
Waiting On Us–Braille
War Path–Chalwell
Clobalization–Corey Red
Stand Out–D-Maub
13/30 ( Feat.Twyse )–Da Truth
Legacy–Da Truth
Teacher ?–Da Truth
I Had A Dream Last Night–Excelsius
So Sweat–Flame
I Love You Jesus–HanSoul
Bring Dat Back–Humble Tip
Brotherly Luvv–Japhia Life
I Don’t Know You–Japhia Life
Lifey’s Got A Gun–Japhia Life
It Goes–Kaboose
Can’t Do That–Kre8tor
2 Chronicles–LaTasha Mayes & Sistah Dee
Lavoisier For President ( The Unrepublican )–Lavoisier
Fool’s Gold–Mc Till
Good News Music–Much Luvv
I’m Here Now–Much Luvv
Simple Love–Much Luvv
I Am–Nu Life Music
Uh Oh ( Feat.Jason Eskridge )–Pettidee
Still Alive–Pettidee
Twenty Five–Pettidee
Grown & Set Free–Phanatik
Pyramid Scheme–Phanatik
Precise Skit
Lord Help–Precise
Rise Up–Precise
Livin’ For–Precise
Livin’ For–Prodigal Son
Fallin Off–Ready Writer
Preach Hard–Ready Writer
This Is Jesus Christ–Ready Writer
Conflict–Rob Hodge
Pretty Ugly ( Feat.S.O.G )–Rob Hodge
Thank You–Rob Hodge
Holy Hip Hop–S.O.C.O.M.
Got Skills–Salt
Meterialism–Sean Slaughter
Pinnochio–Sean Slaughter
Spare Change–Sev Statik
The Rebirth–Shabach
Overrated–Sho Baraka
Glamour Shots–Sivion
Side Rhodes–Sivion
Hey Young Man–Soul P
Heart Beat ( Feat.Blitz )–Soul P
Stand Glass Windows–Stephen The Levite
Significance ( Feat.Jr )–Tedashi
This Song For You–Tedashi
10 Gravity–The Breax
39 Lashes–The Breax
Ask A Simple Question–The Breax
Cold War–The Breax
Go Crazy–The Standard
Just For The Record ( I Hate You )–The Vessal
Dumb Dunces ( Feat.K-Drama )–Theory Hazit
T-Minus Ten–Theory Hazit
My Song–Tim Herrera
The Humility Of Christ–Timothy Brindle
Liberation–Timothy Brindle
Sanctification–Timothy Brindle
Won’t Stop–Tre 9
The Place 2 B–3 PFD
Follow Thru–Elevationists
Another Hypocrite–Soul The Interrogater
Brand New–Street Pastor
Fully Loaded Faith–Brother Wise
Holla At Me–Change
Royal Order–Royal Order
Wild Out–Armaggeedon
Time Is Now–Prolific
Tragedy Sykes–Scott Lane
Shake ‘Em Off–Willie Will
Thru The Rain–Willie Will
U Neva Know–Willie Will
What Is Living–Willie Will
Reality Check–Young Joshua
Things Pass–Young Joshua
Headz Up–Yung Semaj
Whats Real–Change
180 ( Feat.Kre8tor )–D-Will
You Can’t Forget It–Phlo
Take It To The Streets–The Washington Projects
On The Rise–Willie Will
Catch 22–Corey Red
Real Hip Hop–Corey Red
Thats Life–D-Maub
On Duty–Da Truth
Grace That Reigns–Excelsius
Get Down–Fedel
Old Things–Fedel
You Can Make–J.Johnson
Million ( Feat.Chalwell )–Kaboose
Take Me As I Am–Lecrae
Freeze Framework–Mars ILL
Planes And Trains–Mars ILL
7–Mc Till
Ain’t Living–Precise
Dance–Prodigal Son
War Of Mind’s–Ready Writer
Pardon Me–Salt
Well Traveled–Sev Statik
On Now–Tedashi
Night And Day–Tre 9
Ghetto–2 Five
Fill It In
No Greater Love–Willie Will
Speechless–Omega Sparx
Be Encourage–Phlo
I won’t Lose–Sonz Of The Most High
Street Therapy–CCM
My Style Is Hot–Corey Red
Break Bread–Flame
Cross Movement–Flame
5 Minutes Before The Show–Humble Tip
Love Letter ( Feat.Tko )–Japhia Life
No Excuse–La Symphony
God Of Isreal ( Feat.John P.Kee )–Mark J
Black Box Artist–Mars ILL
Dis Joy ( Feat.Pam D )–Nue Breed
The Head Busa–Pettidee
Grown Man–Precise
God Made Me–Precise
The Return–Prodigal Son
Get Clean–Ready Writer
No Comprmise ( Feat.Papa San )–Sean Slaughter
Turn My Life Back–Sho Baraka
Father Time–Sivion
Hey Pain–Soul P
Dna–Stephen The Levite
Spark–Stephen The Levite
I Got It–The Breax
Warrior–The Yuinon
I.O.U ( Feat.Braille )–Theory Hazit
Extra Credit–Theory Hazit
Out With A Bang–Theory Hazit
Serious–Brother Wize
Anticipate Tomorrow–K Drama
My Lord–Corey Red
The Other Side–Al Casso
Sociology–Corey Red
Feelin It–Crane & A-1
Card Shark–Cross Movement
We–Cross Movement
Don’t Box Me Up–D-Maub
Jaz Drop
Incredible Christian–Da Truth
Open My Heart–Flame
A Lot In Common–Group 1 Crew
Someone–Just Me
Where I Need To Be–K Drama
K-Drama Drop
Heave Hot–La Symphony
Lady Luck–La Symphony
Final Destination ( Remix )–Lavoisier
My Story–Much Luvv
What’s That–Precise
Rest In Christ Hands–Richie Righteous
The River–Rob Hodge
What In The Ham Sandwhich Drop
Praise To The Most–Sean Slaughter
Hope ( FeatKaren Sabir )–Young Joshua
I Miss You ( Feat.Rock )–HeeSun Lee
Dying Star–G-Notes
My Girl ( Feat.Joe Justiz & Messianico )–G-Notes
Hip Hop–Japhia Life
Just Raps–Just Me
I’m Saved–Katalyast
Traveling –Katalyast
Gonna Be Alright ( Remix )–La Symphony
The Line ( Feat.Tedashi )–Lecrae
No Wonder–Mc Till
Vile Passions–Much Luvv
Shelter–Nu Life Music
Sons Sake–Phanatik
Revern Ties