Since Nov 4th, 2004, we’ve been bring you relevant news and music from the Christian Hip Hop community and beyond. http://www.flavorradionetwork.com

The Flavor Radio Network launched on Nov 4, 2004 in Tampa, Florida. The station was an extension of the Christian Hip Hop event called Flavor Fest. It’s original purpose was to promote the conference and concerts, covering the event with sound bites and interviews of attendees. We featured music from the artists at the conference, as well as, the home town family super group known as the Flavor Alliance. Our first resident deejay was DJ I Rock Jesus, who spun his mix-show for the first time on out network in Dec 2004. Program director FUDGE also began producing original content for the station in 2005, and created the Spice Rack Show in 2008. His newest program The Shout Out spotlighted events and artists in the Buffalo, New York region.

Many other shows have blessed out programming over the years as well. The Ground Floor Show, The Grip Show, What in the Ham Sandwich?, and more. Today, we bring you the latest programs Trackstarz and Jesus Peace Radio to the lineup. Stay tuned as we continue to grow our Flavor Universe.


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