Trackstarz Tuesdays on Flavor Radio

Tuesdays at 6 am – 10 am / 9 pm – 1 am (EST)

We are proud to announce we’ve added TRACKSTARZ radio show to our programming. We air the show on Tuesdays at 6 am – 10 am, and again at 9 pm – 1 am (EST). We call it “Trackstarz Tuesdays on Flavor Radio” and will update it weekly.

Tune in Now:

Trackstarz is a Christian media company determined to bring high-quality Godly content to the mainstream.  We have a heart for training young creatives to improve their craft and character in order to prepare them for Marketplace influence.  We also provide our Trackstarz Universe of supporters and fans with engaging content and witnessing tools through our Radio show, TV show, Music Group, Events, and Publications.   We also strive to help creatives improve the quality of their end product and provide them with the resources to get their message heard through our Design, Engineering, and Distribution services.

Latest Episodes:

Brely Evans, The Remix Artist, The Death of iTunes, Showdown 27: 6/8/19

Mouthpi3ce Tribute, Dee-1 Interview, Make Me a Rapper, DaBaby vs Rockstar Jt: 6/1/19

Mental Health, Make Me a Rapper, Eminem vs NF: Album Edition: 5/25/19

Tune in to our station and send your donations to keep us up and running.